First off I want you to understand that my heart goes out to all those who suffer from abuse , or Rape or sexual Harassment I stand strong with theses Victims, because I was a Rape victim, Victim of assault, and I’m a beautiful women so of course, I have experienced Sexual Harassment more than once as Many women have .  I say it in the past tense ,because I refuse to remain a Victim any longer. Let’s face it This is the problem it’s a huge one it needs to be addressed, and for once and for all Dealt with.Examples must be made to Show that we will no longer be Victims That we no longer will accept this So society will no longer accept this.This means speaking up right away don’t let them get away with it.There is something going on that should send shivers up your back. As a women I’m extremely pist about the fact that Hollyweird witchs have come forward claiming to be Victims , making spectacles of themselves not having any empathy for other Rape Victims All competing for the spotlight to gain your sympathy , and distract you from the truth that pedophiles rules Hollyweird , and all of them know  it .When in Fact the truth is these women are not Victims.There celebrity’s They have Voice’s , and people would have listened to them , but yet the kept Quite until the Pedophiles were exposed then they were Told to come forward to distract the public.This sickens me to my core , Not only are these women not Victims their part of it. Harvey Weinstein is a pervert, and Hollyweird has a lot more of them than you know.I wonder if Harvey knew that they only allowed him to get away with it so that one day they could throw him under the bus If the truth about the kids ever came out. These women were picked and told to work for him in order to expose him later.smiley_faces_smileys_smilies_gif_images__372_They knew there would be an assault it was planed. First of all, you need to understand that these Women are not like you.They play parts to Gain your Favor.This is a Game to them, and as long as they stay on top they really don’t care who’s effected, or who gets hurt in the process.Trust me These Women are not innocent.They got what they wanted out of it never complained Showed no signs at all, and when the shit hit the fan they come forward and claim they are Victims to sidetrack you from the truth of Hollyweird that These Women knew about it, but not talking they just want your sympathy playing the part as the Victims for Hollyweird  So it seems that there not all Bad . Wrong you tell me then why didn’t we see signs? , and How come they weren’t broken from it? Victims take years to recover and are left broken.Victims don’t snap back the next day, and just carry on.You Can’t that person took a piece of you you’ll never get back, and you have to fight just to feel normal again, and never really do. If it happens you want to die it is the worst thing ever to happen to you.Not easily recovered from The reason they weren’t broken is , because They knew what they were doing , and their actresses so they can cry on command put on a sad face or angry face with angry sad words , and play you like an instrument. Do the research on these actresses please don’t take my word for it.When you do you’ll see that these women are high-profile actresses in all of it.They take part in all the Hollyweird Rituals and attend all the Hollywood Parties ,and We know by now what takes place at these event .Things we don’t see ,because they know it’s wrong ,but do it anyway Then act superior ,and flawless to the public ,and there is a real reason why all these Women played a witch in a Movie or show they acted in So don’t let them fool you . There pushing these issues to get you to accept this type of behavior ,and to make you so sick of the topic you don’t want to hear about it anymore ,and you forget about the Kids . That’s Why they put Rose McGowan as the forefront for this ,because she is the Most annoying of all of them She’s loud angry ,and makes Real Victims look bad clearly she is having a Mk ultra break down ,and they are allowing it ,because it’s takes the heat off the real issues. They’re trying to compare themselves to everyday Women when they clearly are not . There are so many Victims out there ,and they are trying to be your Voice without even knowing What a real Victim really goes through ,and nor do they care .Women should not have to be subjected ,and put into the box they want you in . They are lying to you. look into their eyes where is the pain it’s not there. They have been in the game so long they are part of it even if they don’t know it ,but i suspect they do,and playing the public as the fool. Watch this clip of Rose McGowan look at her demeanor ,Watch her actions .She’s a cold Women whose pist off ,not a survivor who is trying to fight the system .They’re calling her an activist ,because she’s gone public ,and wrote a book which lines her pocket ,and these books are never the truth anyway so don’t buy her stupid pity party book based on lies.




When I see this it angers me to my core.Who does she think she is.She’s rude. An asshole really. she doesn’t want to hear other people’s opinion , and has no sympathy for other Victims , and wants to run the show acting like your pain isn’t as great as hers.All lies by the way ROSE YOU ARE NOT DOING SHIT FOR WOMEN.It’s all in your head. You don’t even want to here their story’s ,but you expect us to listen to you ,and your pity party lies .So enough is enough shut up , and YOU get the fuck back we don’t want to hear you anymore.Stop acting like a victim when you sold your virtue for a price, and now you regret it. I’m about to label you , and it’s a label that fits all of you Hollyweird witches  Ready. None of you are victims you Sold out for money , and Fame Which makes you all WHORES, not Victims ,and don’t put Victims in the Same Basket with you when you all put out for movie deals , and endorsements. Maybe some of you started out as Victims when you were kids WHEN YOUR PARENTS SOLD YOU OUT , but you accepted the lifestyle , and it became your way of life, and you do the same thing that was done to you.So stop lying you’ll never get sympathy from me or anyone who is a real Victim we don’t share your Story , and you don’t Share our pain , and your all bad actresses , because I see through you.We are not Stupid , but keep playing the Game until none of you have followings anymore.The more you talk the more we see so keep talking until we close the door on Hollyweird for good and your all faded memories in the back of our minds.As for now just know .We are on to you So who’s playing who.Your not Brave your cowards.Why don’t you Tell the truth , and help those kids? I already know you don’t care about them or anyone else your just greedy  distractions seeking simpathy plus you’re doing it too your so part of it. You don’t fool everyone.FUCK YOUR STUPID AGENDA BITCH’S.Just sit down , and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Here’s what I will do if I ever run into any of you Game players

woman_fighting_in_store_animated_picture YOU MAKE ME SICK.


I just need to say this as an actual Victim of rape that what’s been going on in Hollyweird is too sickening. Come on I get it you what to share the horror to the world at the same time get them to accept this garbage you throw out there .I’m talking about Rose McGowen, Ashley Judd, Alyssa Milano ALL THESE SO CALLED VICTIMS of the Harvey Weinstein Scandal.These women are not Victims the only reason there even coming forward in the first place is they want the limelight.There so self-centered that when they have seen all the sympathy for the children of Hollyweird, and they wanted that for themselves to boost there popularity and gain your favor.They have the ok from the higher-ups that’s why they are allowing this to go on with the head ringleader being Rose McGowen who doesn’t like the share the victim spotlight at all. News Flash Rose your not the first Hollyweird tramp to get played it’s been going on longer than you even existed on the planet.Your story is not original ok, and your Not a Victim of Rape.Let me ask a real Victim out there After you were attacked did you worry that your lipstick was on right ? No that was the furthest thing for your mind, and after that would you go on TV interviews Smiling promoting this movie, and the part you were raped for F#$# NO.What’s funny to me is all you washed up women never came forward with this until your careers dried up.When all the offers were pouring in you never said a word hmm. The timing of this is something to look at too. When the real victims were being revealed, and the truth about Hollyweird was just coming to surface exposing the dark truth that Hollyweird is crawling for pedifles here comes these witches with there sob stories.Thinking they’re doing something for Women. HOW? If you think Real Victims are impressed with you.We are not. Your lairs, and shills in the Game, and we see you and are not falling for it.I wanted to really stop it you all would have come forward when this happened, not talking the deals, or Money, but you didn’t you kept quiet until your career dried up.Lame. Your not survivors just greedy opportunists with an agenda so Shut up we don’t want to want to hear it anymore.Go get some counseling like real Victims do, and understand that you accepted those movies, shows, commercials, endorsement deals. You took things for an exchange of your virtue.You’re not a victim you’re a WHORE. Deal with it, and own your own shit. Our sympathy is not with you, so go back into your hole, and stay there.