When I look back at myself 10 years ago I was a different person with the same values.It’s true that I had to fall so many times Hard, but I took something from every fall I could use even though some things were really hard to let go of. I had to go on and push myself out of bed when things got hard. I had to drag my feet sometimes and had moments I wanted to die, but I pushed my only support being God.I am the black sleep in my Family nobody in my family accept my children can relate to me. Feels like I’m the adopted one even though not it’s like I don’t belong. Nobody gets me even though they all think they know me so well the truth is they are going on who I was not who I am. They don’t see me even though I see them .I’m invisible. It’s ok they don’t understand, and I do keep a lot inside. Mainly, because nobody hears me, or my thoughts get dismissed. I see the world differently I always have which makes me the odd one, and I have learned to live with it. I learned forgiveness for all of those who hurt me, and myself. This doesn’t mean I would hang out ,but if we ran into each other I wouldn’t be troubled  ,and made peace with them ,because of what I learned from them ,and how it changed me ,and my out look on life. I got to know myself, and learned to love myself, and that it’s the key to loving others and opening your heart, and mind to receiving truths which help you grow on all levels bringing you closer to your higher self which is your connection to God.You do this through your intuition. Even if you don’t believe it still works, because of Free Will that’s how much we are loved. It’s so much bigger than any of us can know. So much more than we’re told or maybe they don’t even know. We are encouraged to search, and the beauty of it is there will always be more to know, find, discover, and create.I still have moments of sadness, and anger that pull me down, but it’s a lot easier to rise.I embrace the change after all Change is Always happening every second that passes so to me there is no point of fearing it because it’s going to happen anyway. We are so much more than we’re told, and we can do so much more than we know. When we start thinking outside of the box everything will come together. We are just waking up, and what I see is something great inside us If we Stand up for it. We need to make Changes to the way we do things no Questions, but we can’t wait for our Government because they don’t care about us anyway. Majority rules we outnumber them So we have to Change things because they won’t. They treat us like cattle we or owned @ birth then put through a system of brainwashing, and if you make it through that they rob you of your earning in every way possible Mind control you with programming , and celebrity influence ,Media lies ,and distractions, and Doctors give you pills that numb the problem, and create new ones creating an open door system keeping you sick instead of curing us .They tamper with the water our Food, and when If you make it to old age, and get sick they put you in a home eating up your retirement funds, and you die, and you have to overpay for that. They get us coming, and going, and keep us in debt while they profit from our debts, and spend money on Wars, and weapons, but no money on things that really matter.While they tear up our natural resources. Don’t Fear from this, because We can change this. We allowed this, and we can also stop this, and direct things in better directions to benefit all, not just the elite. We have a lot of work to do, but we can do it.Don’t keep thinking the ends coming, because we bring it on us, and there’s no reason for no hope when we have all the answers if we work together.We don’t want it to end, not when just started getting good, We can’t let the things they’re doing get us down let it inspire you to go on because they are Mad.The energy Changed when the grid was moved This is what Happened Dec 21, 2012. We passed a marker, and we’re still here unexpectedly.Everything Changed a lot of people think nothing happened, but a lot happened you never noticed. The elite did and put dark in your face, but something strange happened in the New Energy the more they pored the dark into our heads it made us start Wake up.Remember we have been taking all the hits and got kicked to the ground.Healed from the broken bone, and bruises, and walk.That makes us stronger. They can’t take pain the only want to afflict it. Making Laws for us they don’t abide by themselves and forbid they ever got caught they have different rules never spending a night in jail meanwhile if it was you, or me we would never see the light of day. They get to lie about everything,and get charges dismissed and get into worst things always getting away with it,and still working in office. With only talks about “Maybe” charging them .This system is broken .They are criminals so why do we let them make Good changes when they clearly don’t have our interests in mind . Let’s make a New system that takes care of all our needs to fight ,but work together it is up to us . I can’t let fear take over ,and it’s being Targeted like so many free thinkers are right now . Anyone who has a Voice Speak up , because we can’t let them censor the truth .I know many people don’t see this , but those who do know that i’m right .We don’t have to live like this We can fix things .It’s never going to be perfect , but we do have the power to make things change .To make things a little better for all of us .The earth will always bounce back with resilience , but if we take care of her she will take care of us .Change is upon us one way or another so let’s work with name-graphics-deb-812292